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NEW! 180lum/W Street light introduced into the market


LED Street light Features

■  Using Bridgelux Chip with independent packaging source and ZAG lens technology, compare with

    Similar products, light efficiency increased by 8% and light transmission rate up to 98%

■  Using Duct Type heat sink design, Very good heat sinking and reduces light attenuation, prolong lights life. The Standard modular design, can effectively reduce the maintenance costs

  Low energy consumption, high efficiency constant current driver, saving 60%; Over-current, over-voltage,

    lightning, high temperature protection to ensure the longevity and stability of the product.

 Durable, long life, up to 50,000 hours; No frequent replacement of lamps, no routine maintenance

■  Green light, no UV, no infrared radiation, no mercury pollution.

■  Unique design and IP66

■  Fast response, no flicker; wide voltage range.



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